The AFQT Score / ASVAB Scoring

The Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT) score is a percentile-population-based score used by all of the military services to determine if an applicant is eligible for the military.

How is the AFQT score determined?

The AFQT score is derived from four of the nine ASVAB subtests (Auto Information and Shop Information is always scored as one test). To compute your AFQT score, the military takes your Verbal Expression score (based on your Paragraph Comprehension and Word Knowledge scores) and doubles it. They then add it to your Mathematics Knowledge and Arithmetic Reasoning scores. The result is compared to those who took the ASVAB as part of the 1997 survey in order to get the percentile population score. If you have an AFQT score of 70, you scored as well or better than 70 percent of the 12,000 who were part of the 1997 survey.

What about the other subtests?

The score of the other five ASVAB subtests are used in determining whether or not you are qualified for joining a specific branch of service. The minimum scores required to qualify for enlistment varies across the different branches of service. Contact a military recruiter or visit one of the Service-specific websites listed below to find out more about the required minimum AFQT score.

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