How to Prepare for the ADF YOU Session

Preparation is important in order to obtain a good score on the Aptitude Evaluation of the YOU Session. In reading our guide to the Aptitude Evaluation, you have already covered the first point on our list of tips for preparation in advance of the test day.

Well in advance of the test day

  • Know what to expect on test day.
  • Familiarize yourself with the type of test questions in the Aptitude Evaluation.
  • Brush up on your high school mathematics. Our preparation software include an interactive Study Guide that teach you what you need to learn quick and effectively.
  • Practice sample ADF YOU Session questions. Use the sample questions to find your weak areas and make sure you brush up your skills within these areas.
  • A healthy body is important for a healthy mind. Eat well, get enough sleep and make sure you get regular exercise; this will make a positive difference not only in your everyday life, but also in your test results.

The day before the test

  • The day before your test, make especially sure that you eat well and avoid alcohol.
  • Arriving late for the test or even just in time can cause nervousness and bad results. Make sure you have everything ready the day before and that you know exactly where to go and how to get there.
  • Get plenty of rest the night before the test.
  • Make sure that you have all required documents ready. For more information please visit the ADF Defence Jobs website here.

Tips for taking the Aptitude Evaluation tests

  • On the day of your test, eat a good breakfast, even if you normally skip it. You need to keep your mental focus on your test and not on your hunger. If you really cannot stomach food, then try having a protein shake or smoothie. Eat brain-boosting food, this includes protein-rich foods which can lead to greater mental alertness. Good food choices include eggs, nuts, yogurt, and cottage cheese.
  • Listen carefully to all instructions given by the test administrator.
  • Read the directions for each test carefully before you begin the test.
  • Read each question carefully before selecting your answer.
  • Pay attention to the time. Avoid spending too much time on one question, if that means you won’t have time to answer later questions. Remember you can always skip a question and return to it later.
  • When you don’t know the answer to a question, try using the method of elimination: rule out as many incorrect choices as you can, and then make an educated guess from the remaining answers.
  • If you have spare time, make sure to revisit all test questions, in an exam situation it is easy to make small mistakes such as misreading a question or choosing a wrong option by mistake.
  • Do not get stressed if the time is running out while you still have unanswered test questions. There is no penalty to not answering all questions, you can still pass the test.

Preparation can make a huge difference on your test results. We strongly believe that our software offers the best ADF YOU Session preparation on the market. Read more about our software here.