CFAT Question Categories

The CFAT consists of three test sections:

Verbal Skills: 15 questions (5 minutes)
Spatial Ability: 15 questions (10 minutes)
Problem Solving: 30 questions (30 minutes)

All test questions are multiple-choice questions, you will have four answers to choose from. Only one answer is correct.

The use of pen and paper is allowed. You cannot use calculators, books or other aids during your test.

Verbal Skills

This section primarily consists of vocabulary questions, antonym/synonym questions and word analogies.

Spatial Ability

Contain a series of pattern folding/unfolding questions.

Problem Solving

This section has a wider range of question types: Number Sequence, Arithmetic Word Problems, Image Analogies, Image Sequence and other aptitude questions.

Consider taking our free CFAT sample test to try these questions yourself.